Friday, March 28, 2008

Red Lenses

…Though seeing, they do not see… Mathew 13:13

I was under my poncho trying to keep the glow of my red lens flashlight from sneaking out. I didn’t want the light to give away our position and I needed to cut some 550 to repair my gear. As I worked with my razor sharp K-Bar, I noticed my hands were getting wet and sticky. I tried to wipe the substance off but it just kept getting worse. Wanting a better look at what was going on, I braved taking the red lens off my flashlight. To my surprise, the white light revealed hands covered with blood, my blood. Without knowing it, the sharp knife had cut a pretty good gash in my thumb but the red light had concealed the Class III leak. Likewise, the lenses of life can impair our vision. We are so used to looking at life a certain way that our weaknesses, character flaws, or even sin can go undetected. I have two white lights for my life: God and true friends. They shed light on the problems and help me see areas that I need to change. SP231