Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quiet Time Illustration

As I help men and women start their devotional life I use the first three verses in the illustration as the motivation for having a Quiet Time. I emphases that the main goal is to know and become like Jesus in a personal relationship.

Secondly, I explain the mechanics of a QT as a Prayer Sandwich; Pray, Read, Pray. Initially, pray that God would give understanding and open my spiritual eyes and ears. Then I read in the scriptures looking for what the Father may speak to me personally. And then lastly, pray about what God has just showed me in the scriptures and for other concerns.

I generally do not tell them how to have a QT but show them. I actually pray, read the first chapter of Mark, have them put their finger on something that jumped out of the Word at them. Then we pray about that one thing got from the scriptures and a few family members and friends. It's takes between 8 to 10 minutes.

I have found this to be the number one spiritual discipline in every godly man or woman's life. It has certainly been the chief method for my personal transformation into Christ-likeness.

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