Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Calling of Jesus Christ (Pre-Incarnate)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday's Prayer Warriors: 15/100)

Help us to find comfort in Your divine plan for our lives

And to trust You with Your plan for others as well

For Fort Campbell (Staff: Joseph and Mercy Ebuen, Mike and Liz Chong, James and Monica Carter, Victor and Natasha Padilla, Noel and Cary Nelson)

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Observations from the Calling of Jesus Christ (Pre-Incarnate)

Jesus’ calling was from eternity past (Mic 5.2)

His calling was promised to mankind as a remedy for sin after the fall (Gen 3.15 Proto-evangelium)

The prophet Isaiah proclaimed Jesus’ calling almost 800 years before His birth (Isa 9.6)

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