Saturday, January 02, 2010

Jesus in the Gospel of John (7.25-53)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday's Prayer Warriors: 22/100. I need some more daily prayer warriors. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!)

Pray for the up coming US Military Conference in Denver (7-11 April)

Pray for our boldness to proclaim the truth

Pray for the Military Leadership Team as they transition (Staff: Dave Mead, Phil Partin, Rich Robinson, Tom Bourke, Pam Darnell, Gregg Elmendorf, Ron Holechek)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (7.25-53)

Jesus was bold and courageous to speak publically when He knew they wanted to kill Him 25-26

He assured the people that they did know Him and where He came from 28

He knew and was sent from the Father 28-29

He was invincible until it was His time to be killed 30

He was thought by some of the crowd to be the Messiah 31

He was sought by the religious leaders 32

He told the people He was going back to the Father in a cryptic way 33-36

He can quench our spiritual thirst 37

He is the source of living water 38

He was to be glorified and the send the Holy Spirit, the living water 39

He was believed on as a prophet, the Messiah and a heretic 40-43

He created division among the people 43

He had an incredible oratory ability 46

He created division among the Leaders 50-52

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