Thursday, January 21, 2010

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday's Prayer Warriors: 30/100)

Pray that we would take our assigned duties as priest of God in Christ seriously and always honor Him

Pray for our child-rearing skills that we would lead them to Christ

Pray for West Point (Staff: Mark and Patty Stoneburner)

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An example of bad family dynamics and ministry

1 Samuel 2.12-34

Eli raised sons that were considered worthless 12

As priests they abused the offering system and the people 13-16

This was a very great sin before God 17

His sons were also committing sins of sexual immorality 22

Eli rebuked his sons but took no action 23-25

The sons had damaged their reputation with the people 24

They had sinned against God and the people and God wanted to put them to death 25

They had violated the honored office of the priest 28

Eli had honored his sons above God 29-30

The punishment will be the loss of any heritage and death 31-34


· Eli’s sons didn’t get this way over night (poor child rearing?)

· Eli had control over who would be a priest to serve the people, he could have fired his sons

· He rebuked but took no action

· He failed to honor God above his family and teach the same to his boys

· God will not honor those who do not honor Him

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