Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Read Matthew 14.22-36

And He said, “Come!” (Matthew 14.29)


My two sons inherited the “Let me try!” attitude from their father. Whether it was jumping from the bed into my arms, being first to stand in front of the baseball pitching machine, or driving like crazy men on four wheelers, they were always willing to try risky things. Now they’re doing things like Ranger school and learning Chinese. When Peter said, “Let me try!” Jesus encouraged his risk of getting out of the boat and walking on water. While the other disciples were thinking “How is Jesus doing that?” Peter was thinking,
“How can I do that? I think that thrills our Master. He wants us to imitate Him (Luke 6.40). He encourages us to exercise our faith and take risks, just as He did. Living by faith means getting out of the boat.

What risks are you taking to become like Jesus?

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