Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jesus didn’t have one good thing to say about His generation and yet He also said it was “white unto harvest.” This is an incredible example for us. If He came and was fruitful in such a messed up generation, how can we have any excuse not to be fruitful in our generation (Jn 15.8).

- The Wicked and Perverse Generation (Mt 11.16, 12.39-45, 16.4, 17.17, 23.34-36, Mk 8.12, 38, 9.19, Lk 9.41, 11.29-32, 50-51, 17.25)
- Fruitfulness in the Jesus' generation (Mt 9.37-38, Lk 1.48-50, 10.2, Jn 4.35-38)

My first key observation in my study on Generations

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